It’s a twister?

At the end of April we had a tornado in Odessa, which is my absolute worst fear. Emma the Big Red Dog was more afraid than I was, though. She was so terrified she couldn’t stay at home alone after and had to come with me to take pictures (she stayed in the car).

Heres the front page and the jump with the story I wrote about the storm and the pictures that ran with it (these are all alternates). It’s some pretty crazy stuff! We had a slight correction, Granny got a call while editing and misunderstood and put in the story that the siren behind the police station didn’t go off when it most-definitely did. Other than that… right as, well, rain.


I’m long overdue for an update about life (and death), as well as my current title as Interim News Editor at the Odessan and Focus on Oak Grove.

But for now, here are some snow pictures to tide you over.

All photos are unedited originals.