Something fun this summer: a picture I took on Independence Day is the cover of our annual City Guide.

The City Guide is a booklet we put out every summer full of information about Odessa. Over the years the number of pictures inside I’ve taken have accumulated to an obscene percentage of the material, and pictures I take (usually at Puddle Jumpers) have been on the cover for the past several years.

Still, it was cool to take a picture specifically for the cover and have it take up the entire cover instead of blocked in with several other pictures this year.

When I saw the guy reading by the newly-refilled lake at sunset, I knew this was the photograph for the City Guide. We used to have seasonal banners around town, and the one for summer was a color block of a boy fishing in almost the same pose. I think it’s a great way to draw attention to the restoration of the lake without repeating the trumpeting it got the last time they fixed the dam.