If you’re looking for madness in March, look no further than… covering the April 8 election. By yourself.


For some reason we had actual races for positions in most of our coverage areas. Odessa mayor. Odessa aldermen. Odessa Fire and Rescue Protection District. Wellington Mayor. Wellington-Napoleon R-9 School Board. Oak Grove mayor.

And then we rounded out by doing other Odessa aldermen, Wellington aldermen, a Bates City alderman and Oak Grove aldermen who didn’t have opposition. Plus two tax issues.

We had one candidate drop out and one candidate decline an interview. Other than that, I did 26 Q&A-style issue profiles plus two tax issue questionnaires.

It took a lot of work to make all these profiles happen. I’ve had to completely reconsider my organizational system. One of the easiest changes was color coding my Google calendar by municipality.

With another issue on the way I’ve stolen an old file from elsewhere in the office, ordered a whiteboard and several desk organizers. 

I’m exhausted, but I’m going to stop whining now and just bask in the fact that I actually got this to happen. 

Remember to vote!

March 20:

Fire board candidates

March 27:

Odessa mayor and aldermen candidates

Odessa mayor candidate jump and Bates City issues 

Odessa aldermen jump & Bates City issues jump

Oak Grove mayor candidates

April 3: 

Wellington municipal candidates

Wellington school board candidates and tax increase

Oak Grove aldermen

Oak Grove aldermen jump


Wait, what happened? 

Right at the beginning of the year, our long-time news editor at The Odessan, Bud Jones, passed away due to complications from open heart surgery. 

I had been filling in for Bud as interim news editor while he was out for his surgeries. So, I’ve just kept going. 

I won’t pretend the transition between reporter-as-needed to writing most of the news content for the paper was easy. I’ve picked up several new meetings a month. I’ve written content for two special sections already, and have spent the week scheduling interviews for our election special section at the end of this month. I’ve kept most of my old meetings, too. 

But, hey, I have a salary now. So that’s pretty cool. And we’ve been putting out some great things, like this story about the Farm Bill, featuring an interview with 5th District Representative Emmanuel Cleaver.

Last week’s issue turned out particularly great. Again, we don’t typically put any pages online, but here are some PDFs of stories I worked on for that issue.

And then, this week, we ran our annual bridal section, including interviews with two couples with very different tastes in weddings.

There are several more stories I could link, but I think this is more than enough to show I’m proud of what I’m doing right now.

And, no, I don’t know if this means I’m staying here. I’m still definitely up for hearing any offers to go elsewhere! But being home isn’t the worst thing in the world.