The Odessan: A Dog and a Cat Tale 

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I got to interview a kitten and a Yorkie.

Sherry Billings, the middle school principal, knew what she was doing when she told Granny there was a cat at the middle school (obviously, I would include the dog, too… the cat was just the selling point). 

Ricky and Ollie were tons of fun to interview (their owner wasn’t bad, either). 

I spoke at a career day for eighth graders right before this story published, and used it as an example of a feature. The kids knew about Ricky (when one boy asked, a girl turned to him and said, "Yeah…don’t you know Ricky?"), but Ollie is a better-kept secret. I almost started riots. I think he had quite a few new visitors after I finished up…


The Odessan: Water Woes at Lake Lafayette 

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A few weeks ago we finally published several weeks’ worth of work on the Lake Lafayette water system, after the city filed a lawsuit against the Department of Natural Resources.

Though I kept it to citing only a handful of documents for clarity’s sake, I read probably close to 50 documents to get the full grasp of what was happening and making sure things lined up. 

It’s times like these I wish we had someone with information graphics abilities on our staff so we could have put together a timeline and cut out some of the more dry parts of the narrative. 

As it was, I think it went well. Knock on wood no corrections, so I guess all that time with all those documents paid off.